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Coaches Corner

Obilic Basketball club is launching our very own unique online basketball clinic. Coaches Corner will consist of small video clips and information about the basic fundamentals of basketball.

Video clips will consist of training drills that the coaches would like you to practice at home ” Yes you heard it right, HOME WORK”.

Not only will Obilic team players and development players train 2 nights a week, you will also have everyday training drills to practice at home.

Pylometrics Program

The Pylometrics Program is a 12 week vertical jump program. A Pylometrics Program is a progressive series of exercises designed to improve vertical jump, acceleration, speed, and dynamic power.

this program is not homework.

Obilic Online training drills
You will be expected to practice this at home for atleast 15 minutes or 3 x 5 minutes reps every day.


please download Adobe Acrobat pdf to view file.

Pylometrics Program

Academic Advice

Referee Signals

Thank you Dejan Marajanovic .