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Obilic Basketball Club


When was the club formed?
The club was formed in February 1999.

Who named the club?
The Obilic name was suggested by Oleg Kokotovic.
The other seven members agreed instantly.

Where does Obilic train?
Cabramatta PCYC, 162 Railway Parade Cabramatta NSW 2166.

Do I need to be a member of PCYC to train for Obilic?
Yes, because Obilic train on PCYC premises you must become an annual PCYC

Where does Obilic play?
Bankstown Association local competitions. Seniors play Monday whilst juniors
play Friday nights.

How many teams does Obilic have?
Obilic has 7 teams playing competitively at the moment. Obilic has 3 men’s
teams, 6 junior boy’s teams and 1 junior girl team.

How much is Obilic Training?
Obilic Training costs $5 per training. $3 is allocated to court hire and $2 allocated
to the club. This money is used to reduce player costs during DMC or social
outing like Jamberoo and also update equipment.

How often does Obilic Train?
Obilic juniors train on Thursday and Sunday nights. Obilic seniors also train on
Sunday night.

How old do I need to be to Train with Obilic?
There is no age limit.

Are the Obilic coaching staff accredited?
Yes, the Obilic head coaches have completed level 1 coaching certificates.

What equipment do I need for Obilic Training?
You will need appropriate basketball shorts and shoes. We also advise that you
have a reversible training jersey and these can be purchased from the club for
$25. You should also bring a water bottle. No need to bring a basketball.

How much do the players pay for Jerseys?
Obilic has been successful in attracting sponsors to outfit our teams. Therefore
players don’t pay for Jerseys, although a $50 holding deposit is paid. All players
receive deposit back when they return Jerseys.

Does Obilic run any competitions?
Yes, Obilic organise the prestigious Obilic Cup, 3 on 3 Competition. It is a mid
year 3 on 3 competition, for juniors and seniors, bringing together some of the
best players in Sydney. The Obilic Cup is traditionally sponsored by Telstra.

Does Obilic do any Community work?
Yes, Obilic assists the PCYC at the annual Youth Day Festival at Fairfield
Showground by organising the basketball festivities.
Obilic also does fundraising work for the Saint Sava College Foundation.

Does Obilic have a committee?
Yes, Obilic has a Committee elected annually at the AGM.(Annual General

Where do I find information about the AGM?
The AGM is situated in the Information section of www.obilic.com.au.

Does Obilic have a web-site?
Obilic has an excellent web-site. For more details visit www.obilic.com.au

Does Obilic participate in the Draza Mihailovic Cup (DMC)?
Most definitely. Obilic has not missed a DMC since the inception of the club.
Obilic views DMC as the highlight of the Basketball year.

Has Obilic ever organised the Draza Mihailovic Cup (DMC)?
Yes, Obilic organised DMC in 2000 with games played Auburn. Obilic was also
co-host with Melbourne White Eagles for DMC 2001 in Canberra. Similarly,
Obilic was again co-host with Melbourne White Eagles for DMC 2005 in Albury.
Obilic is proud to host DMC 2008 in Sydney.

What is Draza Mihailovic Cup (DMC)?
Draza Mihailovic Cup is a Serbian Diaspora basketball tournament played
annually in cities around Australia.

Does Obilic ever have social activities?
Yes, Obilic has annual day at Jamberoo recreation park in April. Obilic also has
pizza nights when teams do exceptionally well.

I run my own business. Can I donate to or sponsor the club?
Yes, sponsorship is always welcome as all funds will be used to upgrade
uniforms, equipment or support basketball functions. Please provide you contact
details on the “Contact Obilic” section of www.obilic.com.au

Who holds the current club scoring record?
David Strbac with 67 points.

Has Obilic played Internationally?
Yes, Obilic played Red Star Belgrade junior team in 2005 in Belgrade.
Obilic has also played a Philippine professional team in 2007 winning both

Why is Obilic Blue & White?
Our first set of jersey were donated by Zoran Petkovic and they were
predominantly Blue and White.
Do any of the coaches/team managers at Obilic make profits?
No, the coaches and team managers at Obilic work on a volunteer basis.
Actually, it is often the coaches and team managers who chase sponsors to
minimise costs for the players.

Does Obilic have a Code of Conduct?
Yes, Obilic has a strict code of conduct. The players and officials of the club must
abide by this code. The Code of Conduct is situated in the Information section of

Do I need to have a Serbian background to play for Obilic?
No, Obilic has had many players of non-Serbian background.